About Us


In September 2019, two young entrepreneurs United their vision to establish a company, originating from their local neighborhoods in New York. 


Wealth's journey began humbly with two exclusive T-shirts, which garnered instant attention and momentum. Through their extensive network and strong relationships, these entrepreneurs noticed friends and family eagerly inquiring, "when can we buy?"


Fueled by the unwavering support of their local communities and Word of mouth Buzz, Wealth's trajectory took flight with every new collection. Each release is crafted to be exclusive, ensuring that those who owned these pieces held a unique store of value in special status as wealth VIPs.


Beyond clothing, wealth became a driving force behind women's empowerment events in Boston and Puerto Rico, and soon venture to host their own VIP gatherings in cities such as New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. These events witness attendees proudly donning their wealth gear, underscoring the remarkable impact the brand was having within communities.


Guided by the motto "wealth is we," the brand embodies a  belief that, despite our differences, wealth is a common bond shared amongst all individuals. This notion of wealth, however, takes on personal meaning, whether it signifies health, family, freedom, or distinct aspiration.


As you embrace the attire of wealth, our mission is to bestow essence of empowerment upon you, reminding you on your inherit abundance, regardless of your background or origins. With each piece you wear, carry a reminder that you are indeed wealthy in spirit.


Our excitement lies in the prospect of touching lives across the globe, igniting self empowerment, and nurturing families' growth. While quality clothing marked our inception, we eagerly anticipate witnessing you flaunt your wealth, connecting with us on social media, and gracing our exclusive Wealth VIP events. Stay tuned. 


Wealth is We.